Introducing Andrew Butters

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Andrew Butters is the author of Bent Not Broken: One Family’s Scoliosis Journey. Please, take a few moments to meet this man/father/author, and possibly afterwards get his book!

-What is your name?

Andrew Frank Butters. Son of Frank Jr. and grandson of Frank Sr. Sadly, I am told there was never a chance of being Frank Butters III.

-What genre do you write in?

My first book is non-fiction but I have a standalone fiction novel coming out later this year and the first book in a five-book (or more) series set to release in 2019. My fiction is written in the suspense/thriller genre.

-What drew you to this genre?

It’s what I like to read, but I will read just about any genre, so maybe that’s not the best answer. When I dream up the idea for a book I don’t put any thought into what genre it fits into. They’re just stories in my head that I need to get out.

-What book(s) have you written?

I have written three and they are publishing in the opposite order that they were written. The first book is the first in The “No” Conspiracies series titled No Fixed Address. It’s a computer hacker government conspiracy story. The second book is a standalone called Hard Truth. It’s a Twilight Zone sort of tale about a big shot jerk (really, he’s a terrible person) who, while trapped in a high-tech fancy elevator, learns some tough lessons about his life and the women in it. The third book is Bent But Not Broken, a memoir of sorts about my family’s journey through my daughter’s idiopathic scoliosis diagnosis, her 11-hour surgery, and yearlong recovery. My fourth book, the second in the “No” Conspiracies series, is about a quarter complete. It will be in the hands of my editors sometime this year and I’m scheduled to write one every six months or so after that until the end of 2021.

-What is your current release?

Bent But Not Broken, just hit the shelves. It’s also my first release outside of short stories and essays, so I’m positively euphoric. The fact that my name gets to share the cover with my wife and daughter is fantastic. I well up every time I check the Amazon link.

-How much research went into that book?

Because it’s an autobiographical / biographical / memoir story most of the research manifested as experiences. My family lived through it, we blogged about it along the way, and I turned those experiences and blog posts into a book. There was ten months between diagnosis and surgery, an entire day and a half of surgery and time in the Pediatric ICU, and eleven months of recovery. Every step of the way one of us was researching something that ended up in the book.

-What was the hardest part of writing that book?

When we were blogging, every keystroke was hard. Sure, there were a lot of wins in there, everything worked out optimally, but I was an emotional train wreck the entire time and going through everything after-the-fact to write the book was just as hard as living through it. That said, having to relive walking my daughter into the operating room, kissing her forehead, and watching her succumb to the anesthetic was the hardest part. It was the toughest moment when it happened, it was the toughest moment to blog about after, and it was the toughest moment to put into the book.

-Is this work part of a series?

I hope not! So far my son’s spine looks straight, though he does have a weird thing going on with his shoulder blade. The doctors are keeping an eye on it.

– Where can your book(s) be found?

Bent But Not Broken can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and is coming soon to Indigo.

You can find my bibliography on my website, Potato Chip Math.

-Reading time is valuable. Sell me on your book.

It’s a story with a humorous start, a happy conclusion, and one hell of an emotional roller coaster in between. You will learn a lot about people, not just me and my family, but everyone involved in the journey. The really great part is there are people like us in your life right now. You might not know it, but they are there and this book will hopefully open your eyes to them. We receive messages from all over the world about how sharing our experiences helped make a difference, not just for families and children dealing with scoliosis, but children and parents going through a rough time for other reasons. This book exists so we can share what we learned and provide some guidance and comfort to others.

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