Blood Song Review

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow Series #1)

TITLE: Blood Song (Raven’s Shadow Series #1)

AUTHOR: Anthony Ryan

GENRE: Fantasy

PAGES: 618

I love fantasy novels. Now, to be honest, you may not know it from the books I have reviewed on my blog, but fantasy novels have been a mainstay in my reading. It has been a while since I dove into that section of my library, and that dry spell has been cured with Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song (Raven’s Shadow Series book 1).

Blood Song tells the story of Valein Al Sorna, son of the Battle Lord and initiate in the Sixth Order. He is being trained to be a warrior priest, one in defense of the Faith. His life has become one of constant training, constant beatings, and conditioning to become a Brother. But being a Brother in the Sixth Order is only the tip of the iceberg that is his life. It soon becomes apparent that he is destined for things beyond his comprehension, and he soon learns that the world is not so black or white as he was lead to believe.

This book is rich in detail, has all the hallmarks of a modern fantasy novel; action, adventure, political intrigue, and even love. Not just love, but forbidden love! You cannot help but be drawn into the life of Valein Al Sorna and his brothers.

This book is compelling to read. It will upset you if you have to put it down for any reason. If I had to find any fault in this book it is that it does become a bit predictable, and it will remind you of a certain movie franchise in parts, but I will leave it for you to figure that one out.

All in all I give this 4.5 stars out of 5!


When this happens….

Last night, my wife and I were in bed, reading, when I heard: “What the f$&k?” I asked her what happened and she told me about the book she was reading.

“This book is about psychics. So, over halfway through it went from psychics to a mother-ship. A MOTHER-SHIP!”

To be fair, my wife has nothing against a book containing aliens. It would be nice if it was noted in the beginning that a mother-ship might be in the mix. This is not a surprise that should be thrown in over halfway through the book.

Then, my wife did something I have never seen her do in our 14 years together…she stopped reading the book! I could not believe it when she said “I just can’t”

The book in question is Kay Hooper’s Final Shadows.

Final Shadows (Bishop Files Series #3)

The teaser reads as follows:

“Tasha Solomon’s world turned upside-down when the psychic abilities she had tried so hard to live with in secret suddenly made her a target stalked by unseen enemies. 

John Brodie is by nature, by training, and by instinct a Guardian. He is a member of an intricate and secretive network of individuals who have devoted their lives to the deadly struggle of saving psychics in danger of being taken or being killed. It is a war very few other people even know exists, and yet its tentacles stretch deeply and dangerously into every aspect of society.

Tasha has abilities not even she is aware of, abilities that the other side would give virtually all they possess to destroy. And if being hunted like an animal were not bad enough she has to learn how to become a warrior in a battle she did not choose, to save people she does not know, and possibly even the very world around her. 

If John Brodie can keep her alive long enough.”

Here are a few things to point out:

My wife has read almost everything by Kay Hooper. To say she is a fan is an understatement. My wife said this book read like someone else wrote it.

There is no mention of aliens or mother ships in the teaser.

The cover may have a hint of a mother ship, but it can also be bright street lights in the background. Otherwise it looks like a traditional thriller cover with the hero/heroine in the shadows with a gun.

She may go back and finish it, but for now she has moved on.

Rock on babe!!!!

The Long Book

Okay, I am a third of the way through what I call “The Long Book”. Now it can be any title, but for me The Long Book is the one that is over three hundred pages long. This is the book that it will take a bit of time to get through so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

In this case, the book is Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song. 

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow Series #1)

Blood Song is one of those books that will grab your attention right away. Who drops their ten year old child off to an order devoted to battle? This is the kind of order that is a “Spare the rod, spoil the child” frame of mind, and there are no spoiled children.

This is a book that I want to savor. Every page is an experience in the life of Valein Al Sorna. What sets this book apart from other fantasy novels I have read is that you meet a young man whose destiny is already foretold, but no one wants to tell him what it is. He is uncovering the mystery of his life, and as he does, you (the reader) are equally surprised by what he discovers.

A review will be coming soon, but I have to say it is shaping up to be a 5 out of 5 book. I just hope it does not fall apart in the end.

Your Friday Fun Read 02/15/2019

Age of Heroes

Okay, it is Friday, and it is time for your next fun read. Today, I am suggesting James Lovegrove’s Age of Heroes. If you are a fan of his, then you know what series this book is a part of. If you are not, well then, let me tell you. This book is part of his “Pantheon Triptych” series, and what a series it is! He has taken mythology, brought it to a modern to near future time period and put a delicious twist on each one! There are eight books in the series and they are all stand alone reads, that is you do not need to read them in order to enjoy them.

“The demigods of Ancient Greek myth are alive and well and ready for war.

Except the demigods of Ancient Greek myth are alive and, well… dying.

Heracles, Perseus, Theseus, Orpheus, Achilles, Hippolyta, Aeneas, King Minos, Helen of Troy – for centuries they have survived on Earth, doing their best to fit in among ordinary humans. The offspring of liaisons between god and mortal, they are blessed, or perhaps cursed, with eternal life. They cannot be killed.

But someone has figured out how to do just that. One by one, the demigods are meeting gory, violent ends.

Now it’s up to Theseus, comfortably ensconced in New York and making his living as a crime fiction writer, to investigate the deaths. His search for the culprit draws him back into the lives of his extended family of cousins and half-siblings, and into a world of tragedy and long-held grudges that he thought, and hoped, he’d put behind him.”

Navarro Review


TITLE: Navarro

AUTHOR: Peter Brandvold/Ralph Compton

GENRE: Western

PAGES: 288

If I was asked to list my all time top five western authors, the list would look like this:

  1. Louis L’Amour
  2. Matt Braun
  3. Ralph Compton
  4. Peter Brandvold
  5. Ralph Cotton

So, when I saw that Peter Brandvold wrote a western for the Ralph Compton line of books, I naturally had to get it, and in the end I was not disappointed.

Navarro has all of the hallmarks I look for in a western: a hero that appears big as life, but has faults all his own, gun-fighting, horses and love (and loss). As the story unfolds, you are drawn into Navarro’s quest to find the missing rancher’s grand-daughter who left to find the love of her life (that grandpa ran off). She will take on the desert, buzzards, snakes, and even Apache Indians to find her love. The question is will Navarro get to her in time before any of these kill her.

The thing about this book is that it needs to come with a warning label. Once you get into it, you will not want to leave until the last page. Yes, one of the hardest things is putting this book down when everyday life will intrude.

I give this one 5 out of 5 bookmarks.

Where Do I Find These Wonderful Deals?

See the source image

About a month or so ago that I was talking to my younger sister and told her of a book deal she might be interested in. She told me she did not see it in her email. I told her it was a different site and a one day only deal. Then the question came…

“Where do you find these deals?”

My answer is as follows:

  1. No deadline is listed in these deals so you better jump on them!
  2. These deals are for that day ONLY!
  3. No deadline listed with these deals.
  4. No deadline listed on these deals!

The above four are the main one’s I look at. I also find deals on I have subscribed to my favorite author’s pages and they are kind enough to let their readers know when a new release or upcoming deal is in the works.

In addition to this. I like to cruise my local Barnes and Noble. I hit the discounted table first just to see if there is anything that catches my eye. I will also go to the sections that interest me the most to see if there is anything new or something that has escaped my notice before. Sometimes I will write the titles down to see if there are any lower prices on the Nook or Kindle.

I am always on the hunt for a good deal.




It Is Release and Catch Day!…Peter Brandvold

Once a Marshal (A Sheriff Ben Stillman Western) by [Brandvold, Peter]

It is re-release day for Peter Brandvold first novel AND the first novel in the Sheriff Ben Stillman series, Once a Marshal. 

“Playing poker, smoking cigarettes, drinking whiskey—retirement was treacherous business for ex-lawman Ben Stillman. The best of life seemed to be past, but then the past came looking for him…

The son of an old friend rides into Ben’s life with a plea for justice and a mind for revenge. Up on the Hi-Line in Montana, a rich Englishman is rustling ranchers out of their livelihoods… and their lives. The boy suspects these rustlers have murdered his father, Milk River Bill Harmon, and the law is too crooked to get any straight answers.

But can the worn-out old lawman live up to the legendary lawman the boy has grown to admire?”

So, now that it is out there, go, get it! You need a better reason? It is $.99. That’s right, 99 pennies and this book is yours!

Once a Marshal is available at