Ninetoes Recommendation of the Week 07/29-08/04 2018

The Hum and the Shiver: A Novel of the Tufa (Tufa Novels Book 1) by [Bledsoe, Alex]

My recommendation of the week is Alex Bledsoe’s The Hum and the Shiver (The Tufa Series #1). 

No one knows where the Tufa came from, or how they ended up in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, yet when the first Europeans arrived, they were already there. Dark-haired, enigmatic, and suspicious of outsiders, the Tufa live quiet lives in the hills and valleys of Cloud County. While their origins may be lost to history, there are clues in their music—hints of their true nature buried in the songs they have passed down for generations.

Private Bronwyn Hyatt returns from Iraq wounded in body and in spirit, only to face the very things that drove her away in the first place: her family, her obligations to the Tufa, and her dangerous ex-boyfriend. But more trouble lurks in the mountains and hollows of her childhood home. Cryptic omens warn of impending tragedy, and a restless “haint” lurks nearby, waiting to reveal Bronwyn’s darkest secrets. Worst of all, Bronwyn has lost touch with the music that was once a vital part of her identity.

With death stalking her family, Bronwyn will need to summon the strength to take her place among the true Tufa and once again fly on the night winds. . . .”

The Hum and the Shiver is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Science Fiction & Fantasy title.

Personally, if I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be “Unique” and another is “Enchanting”. I cannot recommend this book enough!


Your Weekend Fun Read

The Age of Ra

The first book in James Lovegrove’s Pantheon series, The Age of Ra is my pick for your weekend fun read 07/27/2018.

“The Ancient Egyptian gods have defeated all the other pantheons and claimed dominion over the earth, dividing it into warring factions.

Lt. David Westwynter, a British soldier, stumbles into Freegypt, the only place to have remained independent of the gods’ influence. There, he encounters the followers of a humanist leader known as the Lightbringer, who has vowed to rid mankind of the shackles of divine oppression. As the world heads towards an apocalyptic battle, there is far more to this freedom fighter than it seems…”

For you e-readers, the books in the series are avalable on the Nook and Kindle for $4.99 each.

Seriously, go out and grab a copy! It is THAT good!

It’s My Birthday…sort of.

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Hey there! It is a special day for me. One year ago today, Ninetoes Loves Books was born!

First off, I want to thank all of the authors who have responded to my requests for interviews. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Really, you guys are my rock stars! Communicating with you is like communicating with the Beatles or The Rolling Stones. I have had quite a few “geek out” moments and I hope to have many more!

Secondly, I wanted to share my love of books with everyone who is interested. That will continue! I love books! I love authors! My main cause in life has been literacy and the written word.

Finally, if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, drop me a line.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I started a podcast as a companion to this blog. You can find my podcast at:

I hope you enjoy that as well!

Happy Reading!

James Lovegrove Is At It Again!

Sherlock Holmes - The Devil's Dust

Today is release day for Jame Lovegrove’s newest offering into the legend and lore of Sherlock Holmes with Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Dust.

When a fellow landlady is finds a lodger poisoned, Mrs. Hudson turns to Sherlock Holmes for help. The landlady is accused of murder, and Holmes and Watson are on the case. Legendary big game hunter Allan Quatermain joins Holmes and Watson in their investigation.

Personally, I cannot wait to lay hands on this book. I am a fan of James Lovegrove as well as a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Let me put it this way. James Lovegrove is to Sherlock Holmes what chocolate is to cake.

Mr. Lovegrove’s other Sherlock Holmes Titles are:

Title: Sherlock Holmes - The Stuff of Nightmares, Author: James LovegroveTitle: Sherlock Holmes - Gods of War, Author: James LovegroveTitle: Sherlock Holmes: The Thinking Engine, Author: James LovegroveTitle: Sherlock Holmes - The Labyrinth of Death, Author: James LovegroveTitle: Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows, Author: James LovegroveTitle: The Cthulhu Casebooks - Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities, Author: James Lovegrove

5 Questions With Raymond Benson

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It has been said that to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. With that in mind, please answer the following questions.

-What book got you interested in reading?

I was always a good reader. In fact, after a half-year of first grade, I was moved up to second grade (essentially skipping a year in elementary school) because of my advanced reading ability. While that didn’t do me any favors in math (ha ha), it did reflect the kinds of things I was reading at 7 years old, which were books intended more for a middle school audience (Tom Swift, Hardy Boys).  By the time I was in fourth grade, age 9, I was reading adult books. That’s when I started reading Ian Fleming, believe it or not!

-Do you have a favorite genre to read?

I suppose my favorite genre is the one I write—thrillers and mysteries.  That’s my go-to genre when I’m looking for something new (or old) to read.  I do, however, enjoy other genres, as well as books on film, music, and history.

-Is there a book you have read more than one time?

Many.  I’ve read the Ian Fleming Bond novels multiple times—I usually go through that whole series every few years.  There’s a sci-fi/fantasy book by Ken Grimwood entitled “Replay” that I love and have “replayed” several times.  I’ve revisited the works of Ruth Rendell on many occasions, and in fact I’m currently re-reading all of her “Barbara Vine” books in order.  Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” has been in front of my eyes more than a couple of times.  Certainly any of the books I would put in a top ten list have been read more than once.

-What got you interested in writing?

I was always writing stories since childhood, but I never considered doing it as a profession until I was in my late twenties.  I had been a theatre major with emphasis on directing, so I spent the first decade of my life after college in New York City directing plays and musicals, and composing/performing music, off-off and off-Broadway. But as the joke goes, “There was no money in theatre, so I became a writer.”  (shish-boom!)

-Was there a book of yours that was difficult to write? Which one was it and what made it so difficult?

Well, they’re all difficult to write, aren’t they?  If it was easy, then everyone would write a book.  It’s a craft and a skill that one hones with experience.  Certainly writing the James Bond novels was a challenge that I had to get just right.  My own original works are the most fulfilling, but that doesn’t make them less difficult.  My last 12 books feature female protagonists (e.g. “The Black Stiletto” serial and “The Secrets on Chicory Lane”), and I feel I’m getting better at that “voice” as I do more.  Another joke I tell—I must have used up all my testosterone writing Bond, so now I write women characters!  Whatever, I feel that even after nearly four decades as a professional writer, there is still room to grow and improve.

Smoke Eaters Review

Smoke Eaters by [Grigsby, Sean]

TITLE: Smoke Eaters

AUTHOR: Sean Grigsby

GENRE: Near Future Fantasy

PAGES: 267

Welcome to Parthenon City, Ohio. Dragons are real, and they are leaving a wake of devastation in their wake all throughout the city. If their fire does not get you, the smoke will. Enter the Smoke Eaters, a group of individuals that are immune to dragon smoke, and they have some nifty toys to take down the dragon menace. From foam to laser guns to laser swords, they get the job done…most of the time. But there is something more menacing than dragons in Parthenon City, the mayor of the city, who is replacing firefighters and policemen with robots. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot about the wraiths, ghosts of victims of the dragons who are a vicious as dragons and guard the dragon’s eggs.

Two words kept running through my mind as I read this: 1) Inventive. If I had read anything like this before, it did not come to mind. Mr. Grigsby delivered a well thought out near future world populated with humans, ghosts, robots and dragons. He out these elements into a blender and took me for the tornado like ride!; and 2) Fun. This book is fun. Wait, let me rephrase that, this book is FUN!

If I had a problem with this book it is the simple fact that I did not want to put it down or for it to end!

I give this 5 bookmarks out of 5 and two lost nights sleep!

Oh, and my fourth bookgasm of the year!

The Ninetoes Recommendation of the Week 07/22-28/2018

Touched (The Marnie Baranuik Files Book 1) by [Aalto, A.J.]

A J Aalto’s Touched: The Marnie Baranuik Files Book 1 is my pick for recommendation of the week. Forget the fact that today is her birthday, A J is one talented author whose books will make you laugh, cry and most definitely will become a part of you.

“The media has a nickname for Marnie Baranuik, though she’d rather they didn’t; they call her the Great White Shark, a rare dual-talented forensic psychic. Twice-Touched by the Blue Sense—which gives her the ability to feel the emotions of others, and read impressions left behind on objects—Marnie also has a doctorate in preternatural biology and a working knowledge of the dark arts. She is considered without peer in the psychic community.

Then her first big FBI case ended with a bullet in one shoulder and a chip on the other, a queasy heart and a serial killer in the wind, leaving her a public flop and a private wreck. When the FBI’s preternatural crimes unit tracks her down at a remote mountain lodge for her insight on a local case, her quiet retirement is promptly besieged by a stab-happy starlet, a rampaging ghoul, and a vampire-hunting jackass in tight Wranglers. Marnie figures the only real mystery is which one will kill her first.

Too mean to die young, backed up by friends in cold places, and running with a mouth as demure as a cannon’s blast, Marnie Baranuik is about to discover that there’s no such thing as quitting time when you’re Touched.”

A J Aalto’s books can be found at,, and anywhere books are sold.