My Take on Book Reviews

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Part of what I do here is review books. I read them, then I review them, and move on to the next one. HOWEVER…when I write the review I take some things into account. Things like: Was I entertained/informed; was it worth my time/worth your time to read; would I recommend it to someone I love (wife, sister, really close friends) because if I cannot recommend it to any of them, I most definitely cannot recommend it to you. One other aspect of my reviews is the personal element. It is a quick blurb at the beginning that tells you a bit about myself, my interests, and what drew me to the book. One other aspect is what I call the Guy Fieri rule…on his show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” he said in a behind the scenes show “you will never see me eat something on air that I did not like”.  For the most part, I do not post negative reviews unless I feel very strongly about it that I think you need to hear about it.

Why am I telling you this?

As a reader, I will also look at reviews just to see what someone’s take on the book was. As a rule, I make up my own mind if I am going to plunk down money for the book, but there are some times, especially with an author I am not familiar with, that I will look to see if it is worth my time.

What really frosts my onions is the one star review with nothing about why it rated only one star, or worse it is two people having a little chat on the authors book that has absolutely nothing to do with the book! One of the worst ransomething like this:

1234: Hey boo

5678: Hey

1234: Wanna hook up?

5678: Nah. Ain’t feelin it today.

And it went on and on for sixteen one starred reviews on this authors book. SIXTEEN REVIEWS OF NOTHING BUT THIS DRIBBLE!!!!!

What you should know as the reader/possible reviewer is that the authors depend on these reviews. They are a selling point for their book. Someone other than the author is tell you why you should or should not read the book. A bad review will kill book sales quicker than food poisoning at a restaurant.

Be constructive, not destructive with your reviews.

Find something good about the book. If you cannot and feel that we can really benefit from what you think, THEN and ONLY THEN, post the review.

Remember, authors are people too. They spend a good part of their lives pouring their soul into their work. Believe it or not, they do have feelings. If nothing else, please be kind. I need them to continue their work!


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