Introducing Snorri Kristjansson

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-What is your name?

My name is Snorri Kristjansson.

-What genre do you write in?

I reckon we can possibly call it Historical Fantasy? I dunno. Stuff with Vikings and some historical detail in it and a little bit of magic but the kind that Vikings would have considered science.

-What drew you to this genre?

Tolkien, Pratchett, Feist, Abercrombie, Jordan, Hobb, Martin and the fact that Vikings are awesome.

-What book(s) have you written?

The Valhalla Saga (Swords of Good Men, Blood Will Follow and Path of Gods) and the Helga Finnsdottir Mysteries (Kin and Council)

-What is your current release?

Kin, out in paperback, and Council, out in hardback on May 17th.

-How much research went into that book?

Eh. I dunno. Seven? A kilo? Three litres of research. One giraffe’s worth. Research is, for me, not the main thing. I tend to approach it in a needs must sort of way – if something has to happen in a story and I don’t know how the Vikings did it I look it up. It is probably easiest to describe my process by the fact that it has taken me ages to have my characters stop eating potatoes.

-What was the hardest part of writing that book?

The potatoes. A close second is writing from the viewpoint of a 22-year old woman in the Viking world, but hey – challenges are fun. And by fun, I mean panic-sweat-inducing. Let the record show I tried my best.

-Is this work part of a series?

Yes! At the moment, there are two. There might be more.

– Where can your book(s) be found?

Online retailers of various repute. Waterstones. Goldsboro books. A charity shop in Linlithgow (although they may have sold their copy of Blood Will Follow by now)

-Reading time is valuable. Sell me on your book.

That sounds a little bit like human trafficking to me and that is morally dubious at best, and downright reprehensible if done on a book.  I dunno. Do you like Vikings, beards and swearing? Then read Swords of Good Men. Would you like a Viking Murder Mystery full of badass women in it? Read Kin.

Swords of Good Men (The Valhalla Saga Book 1)Blood Will Follow (The Valhalla Saga Book 2)Path of Gods (Valhalla Saga)Kin (The Helga Finnsdottir Mysteries)


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