100 Fathoms Below

100 Fathoms Below

TITLE: 100 Fathoms Below

AUTHOR: Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufman

GENRE: Horror

Pages 244

When I was a kid, I was totally engrossed with Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The whole idea od submarines got into my blood. THEN Tom Clancy hit the scene with The Hunt for Red October, and let me tell you, my love for a good submarine story was cemented.

Why mention these two great submarine tales? Well, Steven L. Kent and Nicholas Kaufman has brought us a submarine tale that needs some recognition.

100 Fathoms Below takes us back to the year 1983. The Cold War was in full swing, and we were constantly on the lookout for an edge over the Soviets. That is where the USS Roanoake comes in. The crew is tasked with going into Soviet water to discover if the Soviet navy has developed a new submarine. As the sub goes underway, something else boards that is evil, hates lights and mirrors, and is taking the crew out one by one.

If Stephen King and Tom Clancy had an affair, this book would be their love child. It is fast paced, and the kind of book that dims the lights around you as you read it. It is perfect for fans of military thrillers as well as horror. It can easily be read over a lazy weekend or a rainy night.

5 out of 5 bookmarks.


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