An Interview with Dayton Ward

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-Before we get to Discovery, I have to know…Who is your favorite Star Trek Character?

The one and only James T. Kirk. I’ve watched that man fight Gorn, Klingons, Romulans, giant green hands, doomsday machines, giant space amoebas, Khan, and all sorts of other things for as long as I can remember.

Stepping away from the main casts of the various series, I guess I’d say Gary Seven is another favorite. I’ve always loved the premise of “Assignment: Earth,” and wish it had been explored either as a Star Trek spin-off or as its own thing.

– Who is your favorite Star Trek villain?

Is there really anybody else besides Khan?

– Do you have an all-time favorite Star Trek Episode, and movie?

Not a single one, no. I have favorites from each of the series, and it would probably be a pretty long list. Just favorites from the original series would be a decent list.

-Do you have a favorite starship in the Star Trek Universe?

The original Enterprise is still my all-time favorite. That said, the refit we get in Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a thing of beauty, and it never looked as fabulous as it did in that film. I also have a soft spot for the NX-01.

-Were you approached to write the Discovery novel, or did you do the approaching?

I was approached, first by Kirsten Beyer, who was working in the writer’s room from very early on in the show’s development process. I’d already been in somewhat regular communication with her, and we’d talked about this or that aspect of the series premise, characters, and such as the writers and producers were working. She asked if I was interested in writing a prequel novel and by this point, I was pretty excited about how things were coming together, so naturally I leaped at the opportunity.

-How did writing this novel differ from other Star Trek novels you have written?

It differs from every other Star Trek novel I’ve written because, first, it’s the first time I’ve written one of these while the book’s parent show is in production. Additionally, Discovery was still being developed as I was writing my novel. They’d only really started filming the first episodes by the time I was wrapping up my first draft.

-How much research were you able to do for the characters of a new series?

I had access to information from very early on, such as story treatments and concept art at the beginning, and later scripts and photography from the set as they filmed each new episode. Whenever I had a question about the characters or something from one of the episodes, Kirsten was a phone call away. She was a tremendous help in filling in the many gaps in my knowledge as she and the other writers and producers worked to put the first season together.

-In your answers to “5 Questions”, you mentioned a different type of difficult when it came to writing this novel. Are you able to address that now?

I guess I already answered this to a degree. The challenge here was writing about two characters with whom I knew only the most basic of information, all while the show’s creators and production staff were still trying to figure out everything. Of course, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it!

– Will you be writing other novels in the Star Trek Discovery universe?

If the opportunity presents itself, I’d certainly be up for another Discovery novel. I guess we’ll have to see what happens!


Dayton Ward’s newest Star Trek novel, Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures, hits the shelves today, 02/06/2018.

Star Trek: Discovery: Drastic Measures


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